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BOOK REVIEW: The Rest of Her Life by Laura Moriarty


A few days prior to high school graduation, Kara Churchill’s life changed forever when her car accidentally claims the life of classmate Bethany Cleese. The already strained relationship she has with her mother Leigh is pushed to the breaking point. In the aftermath of the tragic events, both the community and the Churchill family are split apart. Now Leigh must come to terms with what her daughter has done and the ramifications facing their family, while protecting Kara from the public reaction. Leigh’s helplessness in the face of her daughter’s refusal to be comforted forces her into unwelcome reflection on her own relationship with her mother and some earth-shattering realizations of her own.

The Rest of Her Life, the new novel by Laura Moriarty, shares the stark misery of a family in turmoil and explores the impact such an event has on each member. From the first pages it is clear that the relationship between Leigh and Kara is neither strong nor healthy. At the moment when all her concern should be on reaching her daughter in her zombie-like state, Leigh is aware that her concern is at not having time with her daughter during this major crisis.

“But Gary had already gotten his time alone with Kara on this terrible night. Leigh deserved hers. There was something ridiculous and petty about worrying about this now, at a time like this, but on a deeper, more crucial level, Leigh also believed something – or someone, maybe Gary – was always cutting her off from her daughter in a subtle but strong way.”

Leigh worries that a moment of forgetfulness in Kara’s early childhood has led to the permanent schism between them, wondering if “you could permanently alienate your child by simply laughing at her at the wrong time.” Leigh dedicated her life to being a better mother than the one that raised her and, as she tries to reach her daughter, it becomes increasingly clear that she resents the lack of appreciation shown by her daughter.

Moriarty slowly unfurls the dysfunction in the Churchill family, culminating in the night Gary questions Leigh about her care for their daughter and she suddenly wonders how he can so completely misunderstand her: “Tell me you want the best for her…Leigh. Look me in the eyes and tell me you want the best for Kara.” A short while later Leigh’s best friend Eva presents a similar sentiment: “Ahhhhh, now we get to…the heart of it…You know what you are? You’re the happiness police.”

Leigh refuses to acknowledge she has anything but love for her daughter and yet readers are left wondering. She has survived so long purely on the anger she has for her mother that she has prevented herself from having any enjoyment of the present. Leigh has used her anger as a shield to prevent people from getting close to her; however, this has prevented her from seeing the consequences of this choice on her family.

The Rest of Her Life is held back from being a truly exception novel by the character of Leigh. She is so unlikable that readers may be tempted to toss aside the novel without finishing it, a crime with a novel this good. While readers can see why Moriarty chose to write Leigh the way she did, it is not enough to make up for the “cringe-factor” experienced each time she begins to complain. Readers who persevere are rewarded with a novel that stays with them long after the final page.

Read the review at Curled Up with a Good Book.

ISBN10: 1401302718
ISBN13: 9781401302719

320 Pages
Publisher: Hyperion Books
Publication Date: August 7, 2007


BOOK REVIEW: The Blood of Flowers by Anita Amirrezvani


A nameless young woman in 17th-century Persia lives in a modest village with her parents, who expect to see their 14-year-old daughter married in the next year. The delight of both her parents, the young woman has learned the art of rug making from her beloved father. Soon after a comet in the skies signals misfortune, her father dies leaving her without a dowry. Facing starvation if they stay in their village, she and her mother sell a beautiful turquoise rug she made to pay for the journey to Isfahan where her rich uncle works as a rug designer in the Shah’s court. While Gostaham welcomes them to his home, his wife Gordiyeh immediately puts them to work as unpaid servants and loses no opportunity to remind them of the strain they place on the household.

Seeing in her shadows of his own eagerness to learn the art of rug-making, her uncle agrees to teach her about designing carpets; however, while her talent blooms, her prospects for a prosperous marriage dim for she is without a significant dowry. When her elders receive an offer of a sigheh of three months (a legal contract for a temporary marriage) from a wealthy young man, they force her to accept and give up her only item of value, her virginity. As she looks at a future of short-term sighehs, the young heroine must decide whether to take a chance and choose her own way, a life of independence.

The Blood of Flowers is a tightly written, deeply hued work, all the more astonishing for being a debut novel. Even though it is set in the 17th-century Persia, The Blood of Flowers feels very modern. The world it describes is so foreign to most Western readers that the time period is almost irrelevant. Anita Amirrezvani opens a hidden world to readers; the life of women hidden behind veils and walls, enjoyed either in brutal poverty or pampered luxury. The politics and daily aspects of their lives are brought vividly to life through the minute details woven throughout the narrative.

Even though Gordiyeh treats her as a servant and with ruthlessness, her actions make sense given the realities facing women in this time period. The heroine acts at times with unbelievable foolishness, destroying a less than perfect rug in her haste to create the beautiful one she sees within her head and please her uncle. Her selfishness and lack of reason leads readers to understand why both her mother and uncle are at times harsh in their treatment of her. Despite the familial conflict and unbelievable decisions made by her elders, there is no clear-cut villain in Amirrezvani’s mesmerizing novel. While readers may have difficulty understanding the decisions her family makes, within the realities of the young heroine’s situation, it can be argued there were few other options.

In a world where women have little control over their lives, minute control over little things becomes all important and with this understanding, many of the actions begin to make sense. Gordiyeh is desperate to maintain her position in society and the security of her opulent lifestyle. Nadeen’s desperate hope is to marry the man she loves while also maintaining her standard of living. The heroine’s mother hopes only to avoid a life on the street and some security after the death of her husband. When facing choices such as these, sacrificing the hopes and dreams of another, for personal gain, makes some sense.

Like the expensive rugs described in The Blood of Flowers which require careful balancing of patterns and colour, Amirrezvani understands that an emotionally fraught story requires a solid base and moments of respite from the turmoil. Interspersed throughout the narrative, are detailed descriptions of carpet making; from design to knotting techniques and the processing of selling the resulting masterpieces. The most expensive carpets contain stories and meaning. They serve to “respond to cruelty, suffering, and sorrow…to remind the world of the face of beauty, which can best restore a man’s tranquility, cleanse his heart of evil, and lead him to the path of truth.” The traditional folktales scattered throughout The Blood of Flowers serve the same purpose, reminding both the heroine and readers that beauty does exist despite the ugliness of her personal situation. The folktales cast illumination upon the situations she faces through gentle guidance rather than harsh moralizing. It is here, in her ability to strike this balance, that Amirrezvani’s nine years of research and writing are most apparent.

Note: The Blood of Flowers is a nominated title in the Hidden Treasures contest and a copy is available as one of the many prizes. If this review has piqued your desire to read the book, why not participate in the contest – perhaps you’ll win a copy generously provided by Little, Brown & Company! The contest runs for two more weeks.

ISBN10: 0316065765
ISBN13: 9780316065764

384 Pages
Publisher: Little, Brown & Company
Publication Date: June 5, 2007
Book Website:
Read an excerpt of the novel here.


Fall 2007 Titles – McArthur & Company


McArthur & Company is a Canadian-owned and operated publisher and distributor of Canadian and international fiction and non-fiction for adults and children. In addition to its own titles, McArthur & Company distributes Orion Publishing Group and Hodder Headline books in Canada, two great British publishers.

* The Da-Da-De-Da-Da Code by Robert Rankin (Hardcover, September 2007)
* The Fade by Chris Wooding (Hardcover, December 2007)
* Nova Swing by M. John Harrison (Trade Paperback, January 2008)
* Jack of Ravens by Mark Chadbourn (Trade Paperback, February 2008)

Hodder & Stoughton
* First Among Sequels by Jasper Fforde (Hardcover, July 2007)
* Dark Flight by Lin Anderson (Hardcover, September 2007)
* Green is the New Black by Tamsin Blanchard (Trade Paperback, October 2007)
* The Bad Quarto by Jill Paton Walsh (Trade Paperback, November 2007)

Hodder Headline
* The Man who was Thursday: a Nightmare by G.K. Chesterton (Hardcover, September 2007)
* Reading in Bed by Sue Gee (Hardcover, September 2007)
* Something Borrowed by Paul Magrs (Hardcover, September 2007)
* The Roaring of the Labyrinth by Clio Gray (Hardcover, October 2007)
* Foolish Mortals by Jennifer Johnston (Hardcover, October 2007)
* I Did a Bad Thing by Linda Green (Trade Paperback, December 2007)
* The Ingenious Edgar Jones by Elizabeth Garner (Hardcover, January 2008)

McArthur & Company
* The Perfect Summer: Dancing in the Shadow of 1911 by Juliet Nicolson (Trade Paperback, August 2007)
* Wind Tales: a Novel by Anne DeGrace (Hardcover, September 2007)
* Rain Dogs and Love Cats by Andrew Holmes (Sceptre, Hardcover, September 2007)
* My Mother’s Lovers by Christopher Hope (Trade Paperback, September 2007)
* Fault Lines by Nancy Huston (Hardcover, September 2007)
* The Diplomatic Corpse by Anne Marshall Zwack (John Murray, Trade Paperback, September 2007)

* Vienna by Eva Menasse (Trade Paperback, September 2007)
* Touché: a French Woman’s take on the English by Agnès Catherine Poirier (Trade Paperback, September 2007)
* The Last Days of Newgate by Andrew Pepper (Trade Paperback, September 2007)
* A Hidden Life by Adèle Geras (Hardcover, October 2007)
* Welcome to the Working Week by Paul Vlitos (Hardcover, October 2007)
* Maggie’s Tree: a Novel by Julie Walters (Trade Paperback, October 2007)
* Sepulchre by Kate Mosse (Hardcover, November 2007)
* Tiggy by Miss Read (Hardcover, December 2007)
* Jumping the Cracks by Victoria Blake (Hardcover, January 2008)
* The Making of Mia by Ilana Fox (Hardcover, February 2008)
* Bitter Chocolate by Lesley Lokko (Hardcover, February 2008)


Fall 2007 Titles – Publishers Group Canada


Publishers Group Canada represents over 130 independent publishers including Carroll & Graf, Grove Atlantic and Canongate Books.

Black Cat
* Turpentine by Spring Warren (Trade Paperback, September 2007)
* The Cry of the Dove by Fadia Faqir (Trade Paperback, October 2007)

Carroll & Graf
* I Never Saw Paris: a novel of the afterlife by Harry I. Freund (Hardcover, September 2007)
* Selfish and Perverse: a novel by Bob Smith (Hardcover, September 2007)
* The Forgotten Gospels: early, lost, and historical writings on the life and teachings of Jesus by Tim Newton (Trade Paperback, October 2007)
* A Dead Man in Tangier by Michael Pearce (Hardcover, October 2007)
* Capote in Kansas: a ghost story by Kim Powers (Hardcover, October 2007)
* Beneath the Metropolis: the secret lives of cities by Alex Marshall (Trade Paperback, November 2007)

Grove Atlantic
* Ancestor Stones: a Novel by Aminatta Forna (Trade Paperback, September 2007)
* Berlin: a Novel by Pierre Frei (Trade Paperback, September 2007)
* The Story of Tibet: Conversations with the Dalai Lama by Thomas Laird (Trade Paperback, October 2007)
* Lost Paradise: a Novel by Cees Nooteboom (Hardcover, October 2007)
* Moist: a Novel by Mark Haskell Smith (Trade Paperback, October 2007)
* The Bible: a Biography, Books that Shook the World by Karen Armstrong (Hardcover, November 2007)

Seven Stories Press
* Goodbye, Mr. Socialism by Antonio Negri and Raf Scelsi (Trade Paperback, September 2007)
* The tongue’s blood does not run dry: Algerian stories by Assia Djebar (Trade Paperback, November 2007)
* The Contenders: Hillary, John, Al, Dennis, Barack, et al. by Laura Flanders, Richard Goldstein, Dean Kuipers, James Ridgeway, Eli Sanders and Dan Savage (Trade Paperback, November 2007)

Picks from other publishers distributed by Publishers Group Canada
* Time Out 1000 Books to Change Your Life edited by Jonathan Derbyshire (Time Out, Trade Paperback, August 2007)
* Gone and Back Again by Jonathan Scott Fuqua (Soft Skull Press, Trade Paperback, August 2007)
* A Covenant of Salt by Martine Desjardines (Talonbooks, Trade Paperback, September 2007)
* Falling: a novel by Olivia Liberty (Atlantic Books, Trade Paperback, September 2007)
* Waterbaby by Cris Mazza (Soft Skull Press, Hardcover, September 2007)
* Gold by Dan Rhodes (Canongate, Trade Paperback, September 2007)
* Confessions of a Sugar Mommy by Emma Tennant (Gibson Square Books, Hardcover, September 2007)
* When to Walk by Rebecca Gowers (Canongate, Trade Paperback, October 2007)
* Racing the Dark by Alaya Dawn Johnson (Agate Bolden, Hardcover, October 2007)
* Jack Kerouac’s American Journey: the real life odyssey of “On the Road” by Paul Maher, Jr. (Thunder’s Mouth Press, Trade Paperback, October 2007)
* Ciao Bella: Lolita in Italy by Helena Frith Powell (Gibson Square Books, Trade Paperback, November 2007)
* Leaving Brooklyn by Lynne Sharon Schwartz (Hawthorne Books, Trade Paperback, November 2007)
* Shame in the Blood: a novel by Tetsuo Miura (Shoemaker & Hoard, Hardcover, December 2007)


Fall 2007 Titles – Perseus Book Group


The Perseus Book Group was “founded with the belief that insightful books of quality are both necessary and desirable. That an innovative model is possible, where the power of the group supports editorial freedom, creative energy, and quality publishing. That authors, readers, booksellers — and books — matter.”

Their imprints include a wide range of fiction and non-fiction titles for adults and children. They distribute the imprints: Basic Books, Da Capo Press, PublicAffairs, Running Press, Basic Civitas, Counterpoint, Vanguard Press, and Westview Press

The following are my picks from Counterpoint and Da Capo Press:

* A Man of No Moon: a Novel by Jenny McPhee (Hardcover, September 2007)
* An Absolute Gentleman: a Novel by R.M. Kinder (Trade Paperback, October 2007)
* Shelley and the Maiden: the death of Fanny Wollstonecraft by Janet Todd (Hardcover, October 2007)
* The Opposition Leader’s Husband: a Novel by Deborah Schupack (Hardcover, January 2008)
* Swallow the Ocean: a Memoir by Laura Flynn (Hardcover, February 2008)

Da Capo Press
* The Great Arab Conquests: how the spread of Islam changed the world we live in by Hugh Kennedy (Hardcover, September 2007)
* The Archimedes Codex: how a medieval prayer book is revealing the true genius of antiquity’s greatest scientist by Reviel Netz and William Noel (Hardcover, September 2007)
* The Book of Martyrdom and Artifice: First Journals and Poems: 1937 – 1952 by Allen Ginsberg, edited by Juanita Lieberman-Plimpton and Bill Morgan (Trade Paperback, October 2007)
* The Strange Case of Hellish Nell: the true story of Helen Duncan and the witch trial of World War II by Nina Shandler (Trade Paperback, October 2007)
* A Chant to Soothe Wild Elephants: a Memoir by Jaed Coffin (Hardcover, February 2008)


Fall 2007 Titles – Raincoast Books


Raincoast Books is a Canadian publisher and distributor producing a wide range of fiction and non-fiction titles for adults and children. They distribute many well-known imprints in Canada including: Bloomsbury UK, Harcourt, & Hesperus Press, as well as many others. A full list is available on their website.

The following are my picks from their upcoming lineup:

Alma Books
* Boy by James Hanley (Trade Paperback, August 2007)
* Men in Space by Tom McCarthy (Hardcover, September 2007)

Bloomsbury UK
* How to Talk about Book You Haven’t Read by Pierre Bayard (Hardcover, November 2007)
* Playing with Grownups by Sophie Dahl (Hardcover, November 2007)
* Blank Gaze by José Luis Peixoto (Hardcover, December 2007)
* The Journal of Dora Damage by Belinda Starling (Trade Paperback, December 2007)

Bloomsbury USA
* The Monster Hunter’s Handbook: the ultimate guide to saving mankind from vampires, zombies, hellhounds and other mythical beasts by Ibrahim S. Amin (Hardcover, September 2007)
* The Indian Clerk: a Novel by David Leavitt (Hardcover, September 2007)

Harcourt, Inc.
* Aaronsohn’s Maps: the untold story of the man who might have created peace in the Middle East by Patricia Goldstone (Hardcover, September 2007)
* The Spanish Bow by Andromeda Romano-Lax (Hardcover, September 2007)
* Work Shirts for Madmen: a Novel by George Singleton (Hardcover, September 2007)
* The Theory of Clouds: a Novel by Stéphane Audeguy (Hardcover, October 2007)
* The Far Traveler: voyages of a Viking woman by Nancy Marie Brown (Hardcover, October 2007)
* Blood Matters: a journey along the genetic frontier by Masha Gessen (Hardcover, October 2007)
* Inside by Kenneth J. Harvey (Hardcover, October 2007)
* The Vanishing Act of Esme Lennox by Maggie O’Farrell (Hardcover, October 2007)
* Season of Betrayal by Margaret Lowrie Robertson (Trade Paperback, October 2007)
* Classics for Pleasure by Michael Dirda (Hardcover, November 2007)
* Turning Back the Clock: hot wars and media populism by Umberto Eco (Hardcover, November 2007)
* Sister Bernadette’s Barking Dog: the quirky history and lost art of diagramming sentences by Kitty Burns Florey (Trade Paperback, November 2007)
* The Blue Door: a Mystery by David Fulmer (Hardcover, January 2008)
* The Lost Luggage Porter by Andrew Martin (Trade Paperback, January 2008)
* Saturday’s Child by Ray Banks (Hardcover, February 2008)
* This Human Season by Louise Dean (Trade Paperback, February 2008)
* The Konkans by Tony D’Souza (Hardcover, February 2008)
* The Dead of Summer by Camilla Way (Hardcover, February 2008)
* A Short History of the American Stomach by Frederick Kaufman (Hardcover, February 2008)
* The Executor: a comedy of letters by Michael Kruger (Hardcover, February 2008)
* Lady of the Snakes: a Novel by Rachel Pastan (Hardcover, February 2008)

Hesperus Press
* The Club of Queer Trades by G.K. Chesterton (Trade Paperback, July 2007)
* The Gipsy’s Baby by Rosamond Lehmann (Trade Paperback, August 2007)
* Hyde Park Gate News: the Stephen family newspaper by Virginia Woolf (Trade Paperback, August 2007)
* The Scortas’ Sun by Laurent Gaudé (Trade Paperback, September 2007)
* The Turn by Luigi Pirandello (Trade Paperback, September 2007)
* The Corsican Brothers by Alexandre Dumas (Trade Paperback, November 2007)

* Kitchen Playdates: easy ideas for entertaining that include the kids by Lauren Bank Deen (Chronicle Books, Trade Paperback, August 2007)
* The Guerilla Art Kit: everything you need to put your message out into the world by Keri Smith (Princeton Architectural Press, Trade Paperback, August 2007)
* The Game of Cards by Adolf Schroder (Pushkin Press, Trade Paperback, August 2007)
* The Angry Years: a literary chronicle by Colin Wilson (Robson Books, Hardcover, August 2007)
* Red Princess: a revolutionary life by Sofka Zinovieff (Granta Books, Trade Paperback, August 2007)
* You Can Save the Planet: a day in the life of your carbon footprint by Rich Hough and the Guardian (A & C Black, Trade Paperback, September 2007)
* The Bible: Genesis, Exodus, the Song of Solomon illustrated by Marc Chagall (Chronicle Books, Hardcover, October 2007)
* Water is Key: a better future for Africa by Gil Garcetti (Princeton Architectural Press, Hardcover, October 2007)
* Deception: Pakistan, the United States, and the secret trade in nuclear weapons by Adrian Levy and Catherine Scott-Clark (Walker & Company, Hardcover, October 2007)
* The Crimes of Dr. Watson: an interactive Sherlock Holmes mystery by John H. Watson, M.D. (Quirk Books, Hardcover, October 2007)
* India Arriving: how this economic powerhouse is redefining global business by Rafiq Dossani (AMACOM, Hardcover, November 2007)


Fall 2007 Titles – Random House of Canada


Over the next week or two I will be posting reflections on BookExpo Canada, as well as my picks from the various publishers’ Fall 2007 lines. I came home from BEC with several bags of these catalogues (with the resulting sore shoulders) and more arrive on my doorstep each day. To start off the post-BEC recap, today I am highlighting my picks of Random House of Canada’s Fall lines. As always, these picks are provided with the proviso that these are my top picks and being left off this list in no way reflects on the merits of a particular title.

Bond Street Books
* Gifted by Nikita Lalwani (Hardcover, September 2007)
* My Father’s Country: the Story of a German Family by Wibke Bruhns (Hardcover, January 2008)

* The Witch’s Trinity: a Novel by Erika Mailman (Hardcover, September 2007)
* Charm City: a Walk through Baltimore by Madison Smartt Bell (Hardcover, November 2007)

Doubleday Canada
* Conceit: a Novel by Mary Novik (Hardcover, August 2007)
* The Assassin’s Song by M.G. Vassanji (Hardcover, August 2007)
* An Imperfect Offering: Humanitarian Action in the Twenty-First Century by James Orbinski, M.D. (Hardcover, October 2007)
* Not in the Flesh by Ruth Rendell (Hardcover, November 2007)

Knopf Canada
* Cloud of Bone by Bernice Morgan (Hardcover, August 2007)
* Mister Pip by Lloyd Jones (Hardcover, September 2007)
* Fire in the Blood by Irène Némirovsky (Hardcover, September 2007)
* Other Colors by Orhan Pamuk (Hardcover, September 2007)
* Cheating at Canasta: Short Stories by William Trevor (Hardcover, September 2007)
* Turtle Valley by Gail Anderson-Dargatz (Hardcover, September 2007)
* Clean: an Unsanitized History of Washing our Bodies by Katherine Ashenburg (Hardcover, October 2007)
* Kennedy’s Brain by Henning Mankell (Hardcover, October 2007)

Random House Canada
* Tomorrow by Graham Swift (Hardcover, August 2007)
* The Culprits by Robert Hough (Hardcover, September 2007)
* The Geography of Hope: a Tour of the World we Need by Chris Turner (Hardcover, October 2007)

Shaye Areheart Books
* The Long Walk Home: a Novel by Will North (Hardcover, August 2007)
* Last Night I Dreamed of Peace: the Diary of Dang Thuy Tram translated by Andrew X. Pham (Hardcover, September 2007)
* The Kingdom of Bones: a Novel by Stephen Gallagher (Hardcover, October 2007)

Vintage Canada
* Half of a Yellow Sun by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie (Trade Paperback, September 2007) – Adichie was recently awarded the 2007 Orange Prize for Fiction for this novel.


Fall 2007 Titles – Farrar, Straus and Giroux


Here are my picks from Farrar, Straus and Giroux’s Fall 2007 line. I head off tomorrow to BookExpo Canada so I’ll have a great deal more information about the major fall lines in a few days.

* The Uncommon Reader: A Novella by Alan Bennett (Hardcover, September 2007)
* White Rapids: the rise and fall of a Canadian town by Pascal Blanchet (Trade Paperback, September 2007)
* The Water Cure: a Novel by Percival Everett (Hardcover, September 2007)
* Tree of Smoke: a Novel by Denis Johnson (Hardcover, September 2007)
* The Wall: Growing Up Behind the Iron Curtain by Peter Sís (Trade Paperback, September 2007)
* Shortcomings by Adrian Tomine (Hardcover, September 2007)
* Someday This Pain Will Be Useful To You: a Novel by Peter Cameron (Hardcover, October 2007)
* Soldier’s Heart: Reading Literature through Peace and War at West Point by Elizabeth D. Samet (Hardcover, October 2007)
* The Bad Girl: a Novel by Mario Vargas Llosa (Hardcover, October 2007)
* American Transcendentalism: a History by Philip F. Gura (Hardcover, November 2007)
* The Quiet Girl: a Novel by Peter Hoeg (Hardcover, November 2007)
* Terra: Our 100-million-year-old ecosystem – and the threats that now put it at risk by Michael Novacek (Hardcover, November 2007)
* Ark of the Liberties: America and the World by Ted Widmer (Hardcover, November 2007)
* Beethoven was One-Sixteenth Black and Other Stories by Nadine Gordimer (Hardcover, December 2007)

Fall 2007 Titles – H.B. Fenn & Company


The fall/winter catalogues are arriving, and with them a great deal of anticipation. H.B. Fenn is the Canadian Distributor for many big name publishers including St. Martin’s Press, Little, Brown and Company and Tor/Forge Books. For a complete list of the publishers they distribute, click here. What follows are my picks from H.B. Fenn & Company’s Fall 2007 lineup.

Grand Central Publishing (formerly known as Warner Books)
* Abraham’s Children: Race, Identity, and the DNA of the Chosen People by Jon Entine (Hardcover, October 2007)
* The Complete Book of Aunts by Rupert Christiansen with Beth Brophy (Hardcover, November 2007)
* The Pulpwood Queens’ Tiara-Wearing, Book-Sharing Guide to Life by Kathy L. Patrick (Trade Paperback, January 2008)
* The Crazy School by Cornelia Read (Hardcover, January 2008)
* The Girl Who Stopped Swimming by Joshilyn Jackson (Hardcover, March 2008)

* Bliss: a Novel by O.Z. Livaneli (Trade Paperback, September 2007)
* Room for Love by Andrea Meyer (Trade Paperback, September 2007)
* Midori by Moonlight by Wendy Nelson Tokunaga (Trade Paperback, October 2007)
* Homemade Biography: How to Collect, Record, and Tell the LIfe Story of Someone You Love by Tom Zoellner (Trade Paperback, October 2007)
* How to Read a Novel: a User’s Guide by John Sutherland (Trade Paperback, October 2007)
* The Compassionate Community: Ten Values to Unite America by Jonathan Miller (Trade Paperback, October 2007)
* The Courtyard: a Novel by Marcia Willett (Trade Paperback, October 2007)
* On Strike for Christmas by Sheila Roberts (Trade Paperback, November 2007)
* Indiscretion: a Novel by Jude Morgan (Trade Paperback, November 2007)
* Bones, Rocks, and Stars: the Science of When Things Happened by Chris Turney (Trade Paperback, November 2007)

H.B. Fenn
* Daughters of the Doge by Edward Charles (Hardcover, August 2007)
* The Great North Road by Annabel Dore (Hardcover, September 15, 2007)
* Daughter of the Desert: the remarkable life of Gertrude Bell by Georgina Howell (Trade Paperback, October 21, 2007)
* Cover the Mirrors by Faye Booth (Hardcover, December 15, 2007)
* Bitter Sweets by Roopa Farooki (Trade Paperback, February 2008)

Henry Holt and Company
As always, Henry Holt has strong non-fiction offers; however, this fall is noteworthy as two heavy-hitters release books presenting their take on our post 9/11 world – Naomi Klein (perhaps best known for No Logo) and Susan Faludi (author of the bestseller Backlash). I’m sure both will stir up lots of debate with pundits of all stripes and colours.

* Indian Summer: the Secret History of the End of an Empire by Alex von Tunzelmann (Hardcover, August 2007)
* The Shock Doctrine: the Rise of Disaster Capitalism by Naomi Klein (Hardcover, September 2007)
* The Terror Dream: Fear and Fantasy in Post-9/11 America by Susan Faludi (Hardcover, November 2007)
* Fight Global Warming Now: the Handbook for Taking Action in Your Community by Bill McKibben and the Step It Up Team (Trade Paperback, November 2007)
* The Spirit of Democracy: the Challenge of Building Free Societies throughout the World by Larry Diamond (Hardcover, December 2007)

Little, Brown and Company
* The Italian Lover: a Novel by Robert Hellenga (Hardcover, September 2007)
* The Electric Church by Jeff Somers (Trade Paperback, September 2007)
* A Field Guide to Demons, Fairies, Fallen Angels, and Other Subversive Spirits by Carol K. Mack and Dinah Mack (Trade Paperback, October 2007)
* Cartographia: Mapping Civilizations by Vincent Virga and the Library of Congress (Hardcover, October 2007)
* Gods Behaving Badly: a Novel by Marie Phillips (Hardcover, December 2007)
* Beginner’s Greek: a Novel by James Collins (Hardcover, January 2008)
* Sway: a Novel by Zachary Lazar (Hardcover, January 2008)
* Slip of the Knife: a Novel by Denise Mina (Hardcover, February 2008)
* The Late Mr. Shakespeare: a Novel by Robert Nye (Trade Paperback, Reissue, February 2008)
* Liberation: a Novel by Joanna Scott (Trade Paperback, February 2008)
* Black Ships by Jo Graham (Trade Paperback, March 2008)

* Eucalyptus: a Novel by Murray Bail (Trade Paperback, September 2007)
* All for Love: a Novel by Dan Jacobson (Trade Paperback, September 2007)
* Cion: a Novel by Zakes Mda (Trade Paperback, September 2007)
* The Best Intentions: Kofi Annan and the UN in the Era of American World Power by James Traub (Trade Paperback, November 2007)

St. Martin’s Minotaur
* Heartsick: a Novel by Chelsea Cain (Hardcover, September 2007)
* Unspoken: a Mystery by Mari Jungstedt (Hardcover, September 2007)
* Voices: a Thriller by Arnaldur Indridason (Hardcover, October 2007)
* Not Quite Dead by John MacLachlan Gray (Hardcover, November 2007)
* The Good Thief’s Guide to Amsterdam by Chris Ewan (Hardcover, November 2007)
* Strange Blood: a Crime Novel by Lindsay Jayne Ashford (Hardcover, December 2007)

St. Martin’s Press
* Red Sea: a Novel by Emily Benedek (Hardcover, September 2007)
* The Dead Travel Fast: Stalking Vampires from Nosferatu to Count Chocula by Eric Nuzum (Hardcover, September 2007)
* Smart Girls Like Me: a Novel by Diane Vadino (Hardcover, September 2007)
* Calligraphy of the Witch: a Novel by Alicia Gaspar de Alba (Hardcover, October 2007)
* The Devil of Great Island: Witchcraft & Conflict in Early New England by Emerson W. Baker (Hardcover, October 2007)
* Title Deeds: Growing Up in Macbeth’s Castle by Liza Campbell (Hardcover, October 2007)
* Dandelion: a Memoir by Catherine James (Hardcover, October 2007)
* The Abstinence Teacher: a Novel by Tom Perrotta (Hardcover, October 2007)
* Garcia’s Heart: a Novel by Liam Durcan (Trade Paperback, November 2007)
* Symphony: a Novel by Jude Morgan (Hardcover, November 2007)
* Edward VI: The Lost King of England by Chris Skidmore (Hardcover, November 2007)
* Different Engines: How Science drives Fiction and Fiction drives Science by Professor Mark Brake and Reverend Neil Hook (Hardcover, December 2007)
* Looking for Hamlet by Marvin W. Hunt (Hardcover, December 2007)

Tor Books
* Dark Harvest by Norman Partridge (Trade Paperback, September 2007)
* God’s Demon by Wayne Barlowe (Hardcover, October 2007)
* Ha’Penny by Jo Walton (Hardcover, October 2007)
* Counting Heads by David Marusek (Trade Paperback, October 2007)
* Not Flesh Nor Feathers by Cherie Priest (Trade Paperback, October 2007)
* Pirate Freedom by Gene Wolfe (Hardcover, November 2007)
* Eifelheim by Michael Flynn (Trade Paperback, November 2007)


Spring & Summer 2007 – More New Titles


This Saturday I head off to BookExpo Canada (the Canadian equivalent of BookExpo America which was held this past weekend) where I will learn all about publishers’ Fall lines. So before I am loaded down with Fall 2007 catalogues, I am clearing the decks of a few remaining Spring/Summer catalogues to help inspire your summer reading.

Fitzhenry & Whiteside
* Librarian’s Night Before Christmas by David Davis, illus. by Jim Harris (Pelican Publishing, Trade Paperback, February 2007)
* The Reddening Path by Amanda Hale (Thistledown Press, Trade Paperback, April 2007 [October 2007 in US])
* Searching for Billie: a Novel by Freda Jackson (Touchwood Editions, Trade Paperback, April 2007)
* All in Together Girls by Kate Sutherland (Thistledown Press, Trade Paperback, April 2007 [October 2007 in US])
* Water by H.E. Taylor (Thistledown Press, Trade Paperback, April 2007 [October 2007 in US])
* A Feast of Longing by Sarah Klassen (Coteau Books, Trade Paperback, May 2007)
* Woman on the Other Shore: a Novel by Mitsuyo Kakuta (Kodansha International, Hardcover, August 2007)

Douglas & McIntyre
* Light at the Edge of the World: a Journey through the Realm of Vanishing Cultures by Wade Davis (Douglas & McIntyre, Trade Paperback, February 2007)
* True Pleasures: a Memoir of Women in Paris by Lucinda Holdforth (Greystone Books, Trade Paperback, April 2007)

Farrar, Straus & Giroux
* Arlington Park by Rachel Cusk (Hardcover, January 2007)
* Dancing to “Almendra”: a Novel by Mayra Montero (Hardcover, February 2007)
* Call Me By Your Name: a Novel by André Aciman (Hardcover, February 2007)
* Fieldwork: a Novel by Mischa Berlinski (Hardcover, March 2007)
* Trickster Travels: a Sixteenth-Century Muslim Between Worlds by Natalie Zemon Davis (Trade Paperback, March 2007)
* The Marchesa: a Novel by Simonetta Agnello Hornby (Hardcover, March 2007)
* Memoirs of an Ex-Prom Queen: a Novel by Alix Kates Shulman (Trade Paperback Reissue, March 2007)
* The Other Side of You: a Novel by Salley Vickers (Hardcover, March 2007)
* The Savage Detectives: a Novel by Roberto Bolaño (Hardcover, April 2007)
* Reading Life: Books for the Ages by Sven Birkerts (Trade Paperback, April 2007)
* Who is Lou Sciortino?: a novel about murder, the movies, and mafia family values by Ottavio Cappellani (Trade Paperback, May 2007)
* The Religion: a Novel (Book One of the Tannhauser Trilogy) by Tim Willocks (Hardcover, May 2007)
* At Large and At Small: Familiar Essays by Anne Fadiman (Hardcover, May 2007)
* Rethinking Thin: the new science of weight loss – and the myths and realities of dieting by Gina Kolata (Hardcover, May 2007)
* Rules for Saying Goodbye: a Novel by Katherine Taylor (Hardcover, June 2007)
* Crossing the Sierra de Gredos: a Novel by Peter Handke (Hardcover, July 2007)
* The Empress of Weehawken: a Novel by Irene Dische (Hardcover, August 2007)


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